Your CO2 Emission


Calculate your company’s Carbon Emission

This calculation provides an in-depth analysis and information about the carbon emission generated by your company based on no. of employees, vehicles & power consumption.


Calculate Your Carbon Emission

Find out how much is your emission? You have been using a bike or care, public transport, tv, fridge, fan or ac, and other machines or lifestyle tools. And above all your breathing the oxygen every moment and releasing the CO2. These all comprise in your total carbon emission. Based on amount of the carbon emission we arrive on the no. of trees which will balance your emission.


Balance it – Get a Zero Emission Certificate

Join the club of non-polluters by getting a zero Emission Certificate!


Donate to us for a sustainable future

If you could not be able to completely balance your emission and get a zero emission certificate, you can still help us create sustainable future by donating to Us. This is completely up to you that how much you want to donate to us.

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The curriculum of this program stresses on early literacy, numeracy and the development of personal and social skills and aims to contribute to children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in other areas.

This programs aims at:-

  1. Personal Development
  2. Language Development
  3. Creative Development

At the UKG level, children are engaged in meaningful reading and writing experiences, and they are encouraged to become readers (inculcating reading habits) and to become writers through a unique combination of child-initiated learning and teacher-guided instruction.

With small group instructions, independent play in an organized atmosphere, and big group activities, children gain the right skills to hop, skip, and jump right into school.