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We are focused to create a sustainable future on earth. This humongous task is taken up step by step by balancing the natural state of being on our planet. The carbon emission by human progress is one of the threat of our survival. We are committed to balance the carbon emission and restore the environmental balance.In process of achieving the above goal, we are creating safe, forever forests, mini forest in cities to increase the green cover. These forests will owned by the people. EqualsGreen Afforestation Trust will issue ZCEC (Zero Carbon Emission Certificates) to individuals and corporate entities if they choose to cover the cost of trees required to balance their carbon emission. With the funds collected the trust will plant trees on a secured land which cannot be used for any other purposes; thus providing a forest forever.

Assuring Sustainable Future!

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We call ourselves Green Warrior and we know the secret of sustainability! Be the part of it; Join our team!

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