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The quantum of emission is measured to find out the number of trees required to balance!

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The individual or organization pays to obtain Zero Carbon Emission Certificate (ZCEC)!

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EqualsGreen creates mini forest(s) using the money from people who purchased ZCEC!

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We are Environmentalists, Expert Planters, Professional Team! Green minds to work to Afforest!

We understand the working of world and know the secret of the life on earth! Creating a balance is not an easy task. The real estates of cities are really costly and scarce! To optimize and utilize the land in the best possible way, we use Miyawaki Method of dense, self sustainable forest creation. This helps reduce the cost of forest making and thus ZCEC becomes economical and encourages larger number of people to opt for it. This way we save the cost by 30 times. The world would be greener if the right techniques and best minds are applied. We are doing it the right way! Join the biggest revolution of our times and contribute to the secure future of ours on this planet!

How Can You Help!

In the process of creating sustainable future, help us afforest! Obtain your Zero Carbon Emission Certificate by paying the cost of planting the trees.


For Individual, based on your emission profile i.e. Average Life Span, Usage of Car, bikes, public transport & air planes, Usage of Electricity at home, Food Habits etc a certain amount is arrived. This would be equivalent to the cost of planting those trees needed to reverse the carbon emission!


A office can be a 'Green Office' if balances the carbon emission with us. The major contribution to emission is from power usage, transport of employees, travel of executives etc. By calculating the amount of carbon emitted and required no of tress, Equalsgreen ensures to balance it by planting those trees.

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Latest News

EqualsGreen Afforestation team has prepared a blueprint of a mini forest in the city of Bangalore. The suggested land for highly dense, self sustainable forest is of 6000 square foot. This will be a gift to all the residents of Bangalore by a group of people who have funded it by obtaining their Zero Carbon...

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Balance Your Lifetime Carbon Emission! Gift yourself an ownership of a forest today! Connect to us and get your Zero Carbon Emission Certificate to make your home a 'Green Home' or office a 'Green Office'!

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