The list contains the people and organizations who have balanced their lifetime carbon emission by receiving ZCECs from Equalsgreen. They have  given back to the nature what they have taken or will continue taking. They can be called as true “Guardians of Tomorrow”. Their contribution to sustainable future is immense. We take a bow to them and feel grateful for their noble deeds.

Join the extraordinary league of GOT (Guardians of Tomorrow) ! Get your ZCEC Here.

Sl.No Name Occupation
1 Nikhil Chandra Srivastava Tech. Advisor, GmbH
2 Shaambhawi Venkatesh Actor
3 Mrityunjay Kumar Entrepreneur
4 Vivek Wadhawan Entrepreneur
5 Amrita Ranjan Content Writer
6 Latha M. N Software Engineer
7 Prathima P Manager